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Entreamigos: Supporting kids and community

Entreamigos is a non-profit community center that has provided education, scholarships, a library, food, trash collection and recycling services, arts and crafts activities, a playground and safe spaces for the families in San Francisco, Nayarit and surrounding towns since 2006. They are considered a model for supporting kids and community in Mexico, are highly recommended by TripAdvisor, and their founder was honored by the Dalia Lama.

Entreamigos has been very successful with their educational and art programs for local youth. There are lessons and activities for all ages, from preschool through sponsoring young adults through university scholarships. Their approach is to inspire curiosity, creativity and the joy of lifelong learning, and it’s obvious in the methodologies they use to attract, engage and teach both youth and adults.

Entreamigos is supporting kids and community in the Bahia de Banderas with help from Travler

Through donations and volunteering, Entreamigos also provides opportunities to the community that would not otherwise be available, including:

  • Higher levels of education.
  • Employment opportunities.
  • Library services
  • After-school classes
  • The only recycling program in San Pancho
  • Environmental Education and town clean-ups
  • A safe and activity filled play space for children, families and the community of San Pancho

Entreamigos is fortunate to receive donations that fund its facilities, staff and core community services. But their technical infrastructure and website are many years outdated, and they need help teaching basic computer skills to families. These are needs that Travler can fulfill.

Travler is supporting kids and community with Entreamigos every day. We have volunteered with Entreamigos and provided services for free since 2018. We maintain their website, manage their domains, provide tech support to staff, teach classes to youth and adults on technology and recycling, update and repair computers and volunteer in the field to build playgrounds, gardens and craft spaces.

Travler needs to raise at least $14,000 USD in donations per year to continue to fund the services we currently provide, and to do even more with Entreamigos. Our goals for 2004-2005 include an update of Entreamigos’ website, scheduling and donor management software, improved WiFi network infrastructure, and teaching classes on digital journalism, software and technology skills to youth.

Please donate to help Travler teach kids and families to use computers, learn digital journalism and upgrade IT resources at Entreamigos.

Please consider contributing to our work with Entreamigos with a tax-free donation by clicking the button below.

Help Travler in supporting kids and community with Entreamigos