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SP Animales: Rescuing stray animals in Mexico

San Pancho Animales’ mission is to eliminate animal suffering in and around the pueblo of San Francisco, Nayarit, Mexico. This wonderful organization is supported by many active volunteers including experienced veterinarians, who strive to provide education, veterinary services, fostering and adoption to shape an environment of care and compassion towards animals. Please visit the SPA website (by Travler) to learn more, help rescue stray animals in Mexico, and donate directly.

Travler provides website design and hosting, domain management and technical support to help San Pancho Animales rescue stray animals in Mexico. Their Pet Finder, Fostering, Flight Angels and Adoption applications are all done online through Travler’s services. Travler’s software and technical support services are volunteered for free, but hard costs for website hosting, licensing and fees come to about $360 USD per year. You can help us maintain San Pancho Animales online services by donating here.

Support Travler’s online services that connect San Pancho Animales with fosters, flight angels and adoption families

Do you want to donate directly to San Pancho Animales’ rescue and fostering work? Those donations are also tax-deductible and can be made directly to the organization at this link.