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Radio San Pancho: an online voice for community and nature

Radio San Pancho is a socio-educational project with the goal of helping create a world in harmony that prioritizes care and respect for nature, people and their cultural manifestations. Radio San Pancho shares and disseminates ecological, social and cultural projects that mainly benefit the community, the town of San Pancho and the planet as a whole.

The Radio San Pancho team provides a space for social actors and representatives of San Pancho to express their views, and provides an online voice to inform the community about actions and events. They promote cultural diversity and environmental balance, and disseminate the different artistic and cultural manifestations that take place in San Pancho and its surroundings with musical, poetic, literary and theatrical content for all ages.

Visit the Radio San Pancho website (by Travler) to learn more, listen to podcasts or hear their live stream.

Travler provides website design, hosting and technical services to Radio San Pancho. Travler’s software and technical support labor are volunteered for free, but hard costs for website hosting, licensing and fees come to about $100 USD per year. You can help us maintain Radio San Pancho online services by donating here.

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