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ERC: A volunteer recycling program

Ecologia de la Ribera Chapala (ERC) is a non-profit community volunteer recycling program that serves Ajijic and the municipality of Chapala, Jalisco. ERC is staffed by community volunteers, many of whom are retirees, who sort plastic, glass, tin, aluminum & cardboard, and package them for resale to be made into new products at factories in Guadalajara.

ERC also hosts a popular resale store with a large selection of salvaged books, bottles and decorative items. The program is supported by donations and volunteer labor. All proceeds from the sale of recyclables are invested in the community’s public recreation areas to benefit children.

Volunteers sort materials at ERC, a volunteer recycling program in Ajijic at Lake Chapala
Volunteers sort materials for recycling at ERC

Travler is designing and hosting the website for ERC. We also provide domain registration, graphic design, marketing and technical services at no charge to Ecologia de la Ribera Chapala. In addition, Travler is planning an online volunteer scheduling system, a WiFi network and video security system installation at the facility. ERC does not have the funds or expertise on staff to create and maintain these valuable assets.

Altogether we need to raise an additional $2,800 USD in donations in 2024 to fund the current goals. Please help us build and maintain ERC’s website, email, security system and WiFi network by donating here.

ERC’s salvaged books store

ERC’s volunteer recycling program is an excellent example of how to underpin a Sustainable Community, a key element of Travler’s core mission and Goal #11 of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Agenda.

Please help Travler maintain the website, marketing programs, WiFi and security systems for Ecologia de la Ribera Chapala’s volunteer recycling program