Adrian Takano mural, children of San Pancho

About Us

Local worker using a "Lavamanos" hand-washing station, a community health sustainability project by Travler

Travler, Inc. is a nonprofit organization based in the USA. We help volunteers, entrepreneurs and NGOs with sustainable community projects by providing technology, mentoring, hands-on fieldwork, funding and other assistance. Since 2018 we have supported projects that benefit residents and ecosystems in the fast-growing Bahia de Banderas, Sierra Vallejo and Lake Chapala regions of Mexico.

Donations and grants to Travler, Inc. are tax-deductible in the USA under Federal Tax ID number 92-2960245. We are a registered 501(c)(3) charity. Donors receive a tax-deductible receipt for their donation via email.

Our corporate officers are volunteers and do not receive a salary. Commercial services – including software development, audio production, networking and technical support – are also offered under the Travler® brand; profits are donated to charity.

Contributing to sustainable communities

All Travler contributions and volunteer work go toward our mission:
 • To provide education and information for the underprivileged,
 • preserve local environments,
 • protect equal access to critical resources, and
 • strengthen communities through multi-media and social organization

Help a threatened community protect its environment and culture

Steve Raschke candid
Steve Raschke (photo: Peter Radsliff)

Travler was founded in 2017 by Steve Raschke, a team leader, software and studio engineer, electronics designer, composer, builder and community volunteer. Steve has founded and led 5 technology companies, invented 7 US patents, received numerous industry awards and was recognized by the White House for innovation in energy management. As President of Travler he volunteers with other sustainability-oriented non-profits and NGOs, and coaches entrepreneurs. He is a US citizen residing primarily in Mexico.

Steve’s professional career includes experience operating multiple businesses and assisting prominent artists, corporations, foundations and private clients with technical innovation, systems design, music and special FX. See a partial list by clicking this link, or view his CV here.

Steve also supports other impactful charities, including:

Mural by Adrian Takano